Express Nails

Express Nails are rapid hammer-set anchors for concrete and masonry, ideal for interior timber work such as battens and frames. They are manufactured from a durable sprung steel, with a zinc plating and are passivated (3-5 microns). This special sprung steel ensures a uniform grip in a substrate, such as concrete, brick, or block. These work best in clean, dry & low humidity environments. Pre-drilling is necessary for use. These are very quick to install and create a strong adherence to the substrate. These anchors are available to buy from Swiftfix in 6.0mm and 8.0mm diameters, online and in-store.

Express Nails

Express Nails Available:

6.0mm x 50mm6.0mm x 60mm6.0mm x 80mm
8.0mm x 70mm8.0mm x 90mm8.0mm x 110mm
8.0mm x 130mm8.0mm x 150mm8.0mm x 180mm

Timco – How To Use Express Nails:

For more information on these products, please contact our Swiftfix team.

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