Façade Clips

Façade Clips for invisible fastening of facades and cladding in wood, with a black electro-galvanised coating. For façade timbers with a profile height of 57–95 mm, and perfect constructive timber protection. Suitable for all types of timber including siberian larch, douglas fir, thermowood etc.

Façade Clips

Façade Clips Available Sizes

F115 x 17mmF115 x 22mmF115 x 28mm
F130 x 17mmF130 x 22mmF130 x 28mm
F145 x 17mmF145 x 22mmF145 x 28mm

Advantages of FaçadeClip:

  • Ventilated façade system with spaced installation.
  • The façade timber‘s surface that is exposed to the weather remains undamaged.
  • Efficient and easy installation.

Rational and Easy Installation:

  • 1) Place Façade Clip on the back with stopper and insert profile screws.
  • 2) Repeat on all façade boards displaced.
  • 3) Screw the facade wood to the counter-lathe with Terrassotec screw.
  • 4) Simply insert the next facade wood and screw on the top only with Terrassotec screw.
  • 5) The joint clearance is set automatically by the screw head of the Terrassotec screw, that‘s it.

Suitable Screw for the Façade Clips:

Eurotec Terrassotec wood screws for decking and facades

If you would like more information on this product, then please contact the Swiftfix team.

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