Through Bolts

Through Bolts Hammer in Concrete Anchor Fixings are to be used for cracked and non cracked concrete, as well as solid bricks. Designed as a through fixing ie fix while the workpiece is in situ, they are quick and easy to install. Through bolts are known to be one of the strongest bolts on the market and are suitable for incredibly heavy jobs. For example, they are often used for holding garage doors, fitting staircases or in any construction job where safety is essential. They are available in a variety of sizes and lengths in zinc, galvanised and stainless steel.


Zinc PlatedZinc & Yellow
GalvanisedStainless Steel

Design of SafetyPlus allows for easy through fixing. The integral controlled collapse and anti-rotation feature ensures fixture is firmly secured. It has a unique zig-zag feature that provides balanced expansion, ensuring secure setting and maximised load-bearing capacity. Including a case-hardened nut with optimum taper angle for enhanced expansion.

Through Bolts – Additional Items & Accessories

Countersunk Safety AnchorHeavy Duty Safety AnchorThroughbolt Concrete AnchorsConcrete Frame Screws

Heavy Duty Safety Anchors

throughbolts concrete anchor

Sleeve AnchorsResin AnchorsExpanding AnchorsScrew-In Anchors
Sleeve AnchorsResin AnchorsExpanding AnchorsScrew In Anchors
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Nylon PlugsInsulation FixingsDrop In Hammerset AnchorsNylon Frame Fixings

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