Screw In Anchor Bolts

Screw In Anchor Bolts. Drill a hole and screw in the Anchor bolts. They are an excellent and quick alternative to resin or sleeve anchors.

An ideal fixing for fitting railings, hand rail and metalwork to brick, stone ,concrete etc

Available in various brands of screw in anchors include  JCP Ankerbolts, Thunderbolt, Excalibur, Multifix Bolt, Multi Monti, Eurotec Rock concrete screws, Mungo MCS etc.

The self cutting anchors are fitted using a pilot drill to the exact diameter required for each size.

Once drilled they simply screw in to the base material.


Screw In Anchor click image to buy online.
10 x 60mm10 x 75mm
10 x 100mm 10 x 130mm
10 x 150mm
12 x 60mm 12 x 75mm
12 x 100mm 12 x 130mm
12 x 150mm
14 x 75mm 14 x 100mm
14 x 130mm 14 x 150mm
14 x 200mm
16 x 75mm 16 x 100mm
16 x 130mm 16 x 150mm
16 x 200mm
18 x 100mm 18 x 150mm
18 x 200mm

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