Cladding Screws

Premium cladding screws in stainless steel.

When choosing your cladding it is essential you select the right fixings to fit it. Whether it is solid wood, composite panel , plastic wood effect or steel we have a fixing to install it.

If you are fitting certain woods such as green oak, red cedar or many other highly acidic timbers we recommend A4 stainless steel but A2 will offer a level of protection if not available. You should never use coated steel screws for this type of timber.

With the rise in use of premium softwoods such as siberian larch and douglas fir we also supply a hardened stainless steel larch cladding screws.

The high quality cladding produces a beautiful long lasting product so it is essential to get the fixings right. The table below shows all the Premium cladding screws stainless steel available on our store:

Hobotec Hardened stainless steel wood screwsOrnamental Head Screws Paneltwistec A4 Stainless Steelimage of Terrassotec screwHapatec Wood Screws Hardened stainless steel
Hapatec Screws A4Hapatec Hardened Stainless Steel Screws Black CoatedTerrassotec Dual Thread Screws A4 Stainless SteelMammutec A4 Stainless Steel Wood Screws
Trim Head A4 screwsThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Terrrasso-C905809-EIMER_Tri-Deck_Tec_Holzkohle.jpgTongue Tite Screws Stainless SteelT Drill stainless Steel
Trim HeadTerrassoTongue TiteT-Drill
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 9040-drill-point-1-rotated.jpg9041 screwsQuadcut Screws A4A4 Carpenter screws
9041QuadcutCarpenter Screws
Terrace Screws A4A4 Part Thread Wood ScrewsTop Duo Wood ScrewsShallow Pan Head screws A4
Dual Thread Terrace9047 PartKKTShallow Pan
Pan Head Torx A4 wood screws
9147 A4 Cut Point Screws
9242 Bronze coated screws stainless steel9242 A4 Stainless bronze coated screws
PanCut PointCoatedCoated
9050 Part Thread Pozi Screws Stainless steel9250 Wafer Head9142 Stainless screwsTerrace Screws
9050 Pozi9250 Wafer Head9142 ScrewsTerrace Screw
9092 Cladding Screws
9246 Screws stainless steel
7504 hardened stainlessCoated Cladding screws
9092 Cladding Screw9246 ScrewsDin 7504Coloured

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