EiSYS-2 Façade Screw

EiSYS-2 Façade Screw for use with suspended façades.

The EiSYS-2 range support the German Energy Saving Ordinance (as well as rising energy costs). This requires efficient, environmentally sound thermal insulation for all heated buildings and, more recently, cooled buildings. Rear-ventilated rainscreen cladding combines this requirement with the possibility of finishing the building shell with a wide range of materials for aesthetic and/or technical reasons. Façade Screws such as these supports a high level of build quality for these needs.


The EiSYS-2 screw from Eurotec is a façade/adjusting screw.

Eisys cladding fixing

The façade screws fasten to the building wall using a plug. The freely rotating threaded sleeve at the top of the screw alignes the façade‘s substructure parallel to the building wall. The advantages are clear: cost savings and reduced assembly times. Allowing High loads transmitted through the framework EiSYS-2 screw connections. Even in the case of larger distances from the building wall. Full design freedom is maintained for the Façade.

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