EiSYS-2 Façade Screw

EiSYS-2 Façade Screw for use with suspended façades.

The German Energy Saving Ordinance (as well as rising energy costs) requires efficient, environmentally sound thermal insulation for all heated buildings and, more recently, cooled buildings. Rear-ventilated rainscreen cladding combines this requirement with the possibility of finishing the building shell with a wide range of materials for aesthetic and/or technical reasons.


The EiSYS-2 screw from Eurotec is a façade/adjusting screw.

Eisys cladding fixing

This screw is fastened to the building wall with a plug. The freely rotating threaded sleeve at the top of the screw allows the façade‘s substructure to be aligned parallel to the building wall. The advantages are clear: cost savings and reduced assembly times. High loads can be transmitted through the framework screw connections even in the case of larger distances from the building wall. Full design freedom is maintained for the façade.

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