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Pedastals – Adjustable Decking Feet – For Paving Slabs

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Eurotec-Profi-line-Stone-paving-Slab-FittingThanks to modern slab supports and special adjustable feet for slabs, it is now possible to lay floor slabs easily and without mortar. The different support heights of the slab supports and adjustable feet allow you to easily correct height differences in the subfloor and to cover up unsightly outflows and drains. You can therefore achieve an even surface with little effort. Any surface water that arises can run off quickly and easily through the seams.

Profi-Line S 30mm-53mm
Profi-Line M 53mm-82mm Profi-Line L 70mm-117mm


– Mortar-less laying of floor slabs

– Adjustable height thanks to adjustment ranges

– Special support surface thanks to division into quarters

– Each quarter perfectly supports the corner of one floor slab

– Correct slab spacing thanks to joint spacers

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