Aluminium Joists for Decking and Porcelain Slabs

Aluminium joists offer a long life solution for decking sub frames in gardens, balconies and on large commercial projects.

We at Swiftfix are the leading UK distributor for Eurotec, a German manufacturing company, producing aluminium joists and components.

Aluminium joists are available in 2400mm and 4000mm lengths which are perfect for decking sub frames. Being very strong and robust with no chance of warping or distortion due to weather and climate conditions.

Aluminium sub frames are the perfect solution for timber and composite decking. These can be fitted straight on top of multiple surfaces, and even at height using the pedestals we supply.

An easy fit project that can be fitted by the avid DIYer, or a competant contractor.

Aluminium Joists for Wood and Composite Decking
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Porcelain slabs can also be fitted onto the aluminium subframes which can be used in conjunction with our adjustable decking feet, also known as pedestals.

These adjustable decking feet are available in a variety of sizes, from 10mm up to 220mm. The largest size we stock can also be elongated through the use of extension rings, which can be combined to reach up to a 1000mm in height.

Aluminium Joists for Porcelain Slabs
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Aluminium Joists

The aluminium gives a precise and warp free solution to fitting decks and balconies.

No rotting away like timber joists, or warping such as composite beams which may have a tendency to do so.

The aluminium can be fixed to the boards via hidden clips, or top fixed with stainless steel self drilling screws.

When spending a considerable amount of money towards achieving a beautifully polished decking, why not invest in a foundation built to last.

Aluminium Joists for Composite Decking
Self-Drilling Screws for Decking
Complete Decking for Balcony
Eurotec- Aluminium function strips plain and drilled
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