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Aluminium Joists for Decking and Porcelain Slabs

Swiftfix offer a long life solution for decking sub frames in gardens and balconies.

We are the distributor in the UK for a German manufacturing company producing Aluminium joists in 2400mm and 4000mm lengths which are perfect for decking sub frames.

We offer a complete range of Aluminium frames for decking and porcelain slabs which can be used in conjunction with adjustable decking feet also known as pedestals.


The Aluminium gives a precise and warp free solution to fitting decks and balconies.

There is no distortion due to extremes of weather and temperature.



Eurotec- Aluminium function strips plain and drilled

Low profile aluminium sub base


60mm x 400mm Joiner

Self drilling stainless steel screws

Aluminium-Rahmen 6055

60mm x 55mm Heavy duty aluminium decking and paving frames

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