Load Bearing Shims

Heavy duty plastic packers or load bearing shims for use in erection of timber and steel beams.

CodeSizeProductBox Qty
LBH270 x 70 x 2mmLoadbearing Shim Horseshoe 250
LBH370 x 70 x 3mmLoadbearing Shim Horseshoe 150
LBH570 x 70 x 5mmLoadbearing Shim Horseshoe 100
LBH1070 x 70 x 10mmLoadbearing Shim Horseshoe 50
LBH2070 x 70 x 20mmLoadbearing Shim Horseshoe 24

Compression tested up to 200Kn these high quality load bearing packers will suit most applications.

Our load bearing horseshoe packers are available to purchase at out our online store with many of our other shims and packers.

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