Heco Topix Countersunk Torx Screws – Timber framing screws torx drive

High quality wood screws available in extra long lengths. Suitable for timber framing, SIP Panels, Warm Roof projects etc.

Premium German made wood screws up to 500mm long.


Heco-Topix-Counstruction-Screws-Torx Drive

TOP performance – FAST working.
With building regulation approvals for steel and
stainless steel variants

HECO-TOPIX with building regulation approval puts all the advantages firmly on your side. You can’t help but be impressed by the fast and safe installation, which is up to 30% less labour-intensive.

Experts in the timber construction sector value the advantages of HECO-TOPIX screws, because they are specially designed for a wide range of applications in professional timber construction work, such as staircase construction and interior finishing, structural and general timber construction work, as well as on-rafter insulation and facade attachment.

The revolutionary point and shank geometry makes work quick and easy: just position the screw and drive it home. With no preliminary drilling or countersinking required, there is less risk of cracking. Regardless of whether you are working with soft timber or hard, high-grade timber.
Huge reduction in installation times
and costs with HECO-TOPIX screws
•Revolutionary point and shank geometry
•Just position the screw and drive it home
•No preliminary drilling required
•Faster driving
•Much less risk of cracking
•Low driving torque
•High cost-effectiveness
•Building regulation approval for steel and stainless steel variants

HECO-TOPIX is also available in stainless steel with approval for diameters from 3.5 to 10 mm on request.

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