3.5mm A4 Torx Screws

Excellent quality 3.5mm A4 torx screws at the best prices available online.

Available in part thread and full thread versions. Features include a double countersunk head a torx drive and a deep chipboard style thread.

A4 is the best option for coastal locations and for woods with high levels of tannin such as Green Oak.

3.5 x 16mm3.5 x 20mm3.5 x 25mm3.5 x 30mm
3.5 x 35mm3.5 x 40mm3.5 x 50mm
3.5mm Torx Drive
Cut point version avialable

Stainless Steel A4 316 marine grade wood screws with a double countersunk reinforced head.

Available with plain head and sharp point or Ribbed head and cutting tip.

3.5mm A4 Torx Screws

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