3.5mm A4 Stainless Torx Csk Wood Screws

Excellent quality 3.5mm A4 torx screws at the best prices available online.

Available in part thread and full thread versions. Features include a double countersunk head a torx drive and a deep chipboard style thread.

Full Thread3.5mm16mm (16mm)A4 Stainless Steel
Full Thread3.5mm20mm (20mm)A4 Stainless Steel
Full Thread3.5mm25mm (25mm)A4 Stainless Steel
Part Thread3.5mm25mm (18mm)A4 Stainless Steel
Full Thread3.5mm30mm (30mm)A4 Stainless Steel
Part Thread3.5mm30mm (18mm)A4 Stainless Steel
Full Thread3.5mm35mm (35mm)A4 Stainless Steel
Part Thread3.5mm35mm (24mm)A4 Stainless Steel
Full Thread3.5mm40mm (40mm)A4 Stainless Steel
Part Thread3.5mm40mm (24mm)A4 Stainless Steel
Full Thread3.5mm45mm (45mm)A4 Stainless Steel
Part Thread3.5mm45mm (30mm)A4 Stainless Steel
Full Thread3.5mm50mm (50mm)A4 Stainless Steel
Part Thread3.5mm50mm (30mm)A4 Stainless Steel

A4 is the best option for coastal locations and for woods with high levels of tannin such as Green Oak.

3.0mm Diameter3.5mm Diameter4.0mm Diameter4.5mm Diameter
5.0mm Diameter6.0mm Diameter8.0mm Diameter10.0mm Diameter

3.5mm A4 Torx Screws marine grade stainless steel wood screws with a double countersunk reinforced head. Find more on screws such as these at Swiftfix.

Available with plain head and sharp point or Ribbed head and cutting tip.

3.5mm A4 Torx Screws

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