4.0mm x 30mm (Tub of 400 screws) Exterior Grade Classic C2 Premium Pozi Countersunk Wood Screws.

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Product Details
Brand: Timco C2 Classic
Type: Wood Screws
Head Style: Countersunk
Diameter: 4.0mm
Length: 30mm
Material: Steel
Finish: 1000 hr salt spray tested
Head style: Double Countersunk Pozi Drive
Box Quantity: 400
Drive: PZ2
Units in product: 400 screws
Price per unit: 2.99 per 100


C2 Exterior Screws


The C2 Exterior screw has been plated with a multi-layer protection system that consists of an organic top coat barrier layer and a zinc base layer. It has been designed to provide excellent additional protection against corrosion in exterior applications, and has 1,000 hours salt spray. Every tub comes with 1 free V5 driver bit.


The Classic C2 is a twin cut multi-purpose screw which has a deep recess to prevent Cam-out, ribs under the head for improved countersinking. The first cut has been designed for rapid pick-up and the second cut has been applied to prevent splitting. It can be used for multiple materials like hardwood, softwood, thin sheet metal, chipboard, plastic & MDF.

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