5.0mm A4 Torx Wood Screws

5.0mm A4 Torx Screws A4 316 Marine grade stainless steel which is the best option for wood such as green oak which has a high tannin level.

With a Torx Drive (T-Star Drive) and Double Countersunk for head reinforcement. These screws are available in all lengths including extra long lengths up to 120mm in 5mm diameter.

Lots of stock available in various formats including part, full thread, cut point etc.

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5.0 x 20mm
5.0 x 25mm
5.0 x 30mm
5.0 x 35mm
5.0 x 40mm
5.0 x 45mm
5.0 x 50mm
5.0 x 60mm
5.0 x 65mm
5.0 x 70mm
5.0 x 75mm
5.0 x 80mm
5.0 x 90mm
5.0 x 100mm
5.0 x 120mm

Features and benifits of our stainless steel screws.

  • Ribs under the head – available on the cut point version – helps self countersinking for a neat finish.
  • Double countersunk head – Reinforcement for the head for additional strength, some poor quality cheap screws in stainless steel the heads can snap off easily. A false economy in buying cheaper brands of screws due to the cost of failing fixings.
  • Part thread – helps with bringing timber closer together.
  • Cut point – The best solution to eliminate the need for pre drilling so increases the speed of installations.
  • Deep threads – Modern wood screws are referred to as chipboard screws.These have a deep thread where the outside of the thread is where you measure the screws diameter as the core of the shaft is thinner. This creates a very sharp thread for fast insertion.
3.0mm Diameter
3.5mm Diameter
4.0mm Diameter
4.5mm Diameter
5.0mm Diameter
6.0mm Diameter
8.0mm Diameter
10.0mm Diameter

Stainless Steel A4 316 marine grade wood screws with a double countersunk reinforced head.

Available with plain head and sharp point or Ribbed head and cutting tip.

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