6.5mm KonstruX Timber Construction Screws

6.5mm KonstruX Timber Construction Screws Fully Threaded with a Cylinder Head and Zinc Plated. These screws boast a high pull-out resistance and help maintain a strong connection. The advantage of its new drill tip ensures a reduced screw in torque.

KonstruX fully threaded screws ETA 11/0024 approved. 

6.5mm KonstruX Timber Construction Screws

Size (Diameter x Length)UPC
6.5mm x 80mm4251314715159
6.5mm x 100mm4251314715166
6.5mm x 120mm4251314704931
6.5mm x 140mm4251314704948
6.5mm x 160mm4251314704955
6.5mm x 195mm4251314704962

One system for all load-bearing connections in timber construction

  • For application especially in timber engineering, carpentry, timber frame construction, hall construction, timber element construction, renovation of floor ceilings, etc.
  • Also ensures the highest power transmission.
  • The KonstruX fully-threaded screws maximise the load-bearing capacity of a connection due to the high threaded pull-out resistance in both components. When using partial threaded screws, the significantly lower head pull-through resistance in the attachment part limits the load-bearing capacity of the connection.
  • They are a time and cost-saving alternative to traditional connections or timber joints such as joist hangers, joist supports, etc.
  • Additionally, wood has a low transverse pressure and transverse tensile strength. Hence for reinforcement, KonstruX full threaded screws are placed in the wood, to “take over” a large part of the forces.
  • Doubling up of joists, for example, increases the load-bearing capacity of floor joists and reduces bending. KonstruX fully threaded screws subsequently join the components together in a displacement-resistant manner.
  • Additionally they have invisible connections, a high fire resistance, and no thermal bridges.
  • There is no pre-drilling required after approval/ETA. From screw lengths ≥ 245 mm, however, a trend-setting pre-drilling to 1/3 of the screw length can be recommended (no running of the screw).
  • Further in the case of screws that are used exclusively on tension, the required edge and axle distances may be minimised.

KonstruX screws in 8.0mm and 10mm and can be found here.

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