Simpson ABR255 255mm x 120mm x 100mm Angle Bracket

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Product Details
UPC: 3523140894249
Type: Brackets
Use Type: Angle Bracket
Extra Features: Builders Metalwork

Simpson ABR255


Reinforced angle brackets for CLT

Reinforced angle bracket ABR255 has been especially developed to fix CLT panels on wood or concrete support. Very versatile, it is particularly resistant to shear loads thanks to its optimized geometry.

Technical approvals : ETA-06/0106;
Suitable On
  • Supporting member: solid wood, glulam, CLT, concrete, steel...
  • Supported member: solid wood, glulam, CLT
  • Solid panels,
  • Cross laminated panel (CLT).

  • Galvanized steel S250GD + Z275 according to EN 10346
  • Thickness 3 mm
  • Ideal for use in CLT buildings,
  • Great versatility: can be installed on wooden support and concrete support,
  • High performance for horizontal (F2 / F3) and vertical (F1) loads directions.
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