Simpson Timber to Timber Joist hanger 44-47mm Joist SAE380/47/2

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Product Details
UPC: 3523140003191
Brand: Simpson Strong-Tie
Brand Product Line: SAE
Type: Joist Hangers
Drive Style: Nail/Screws/Resin
Diameter: 50mm
Length: Height 165mm Depth 84mm
More Features: SAE Joist Hanger
Material: 47mm to 50mm Timber Joists
Material Specification: Pre-galvanised mild steel


For Joists Widths from 44mm up to 47mm and Joist height from 182mm up to 278mm.


Face Fix Hangers

SAE and SAI ranges are heavy-duty hangers designed for applications requiring additional strength.

SAE hangers are nailed using square twist nails but have bolt holes for 12mm fasteners into the face. SAE Timber Bolted capacity to be determined according to the relevant standards.
The hanger depth is to be at least 60% of the carried member depth to prevent rotation, unless additional lateral restraint is added to the top of the carried member.


Pre-galvanised mild steel

  • Quick and simple installation
Header member
  • Solid Timber
  • I-Joists
  • Steel
For Use With
  • Solid sawn timber joists
  • Purlins

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