Single Use Liftfing Strap 48mm x 120 cm

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The single-use lifting strap is ideal for transporting goods from

the production facility to the consumer. In accordance with DIN 60005,

single-use lifting straps can only be used once and must be destroyed

and disposed of at the end of the transport chain. They can be

recognised above all by the orange label with a notice regarding single

use. The minimum breaking strength of single-use lifting straps is equal

to five times the load-bearing capacity.

They are lightweight and highly flexible and therefore provide optimum handling characteristics. They are used both on the shop floor and on construction sites.

Following successful transport of the goods, the lifting straps can be detached easily. The single-use lifting straps are available in the following effective working lengths: 80 cm, 100 cm and 120 cm

- Cost-effective transport aids

- Easy handling and disposal

- Flexible, lightweight lifting tackle

- Suitable for various attachment methods

- Easy detachment of the product

- Manufactured in accordance with DIN 60005
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