Terrax TX920 115 Volt Drilling Machine

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Product Details
Brand: Terrax
Brand Product Line: TX920
Type: Drills / Drilling Machines
Diameter: Up to 50mm Core Drills
Extra Features: Forward & Reverse

Technical data:

Total Power consumption: 1.260 Watt

Rotation speeds: 1.Gear 100 - 250 r.m.p.

2.Gear 180 - 580 r.m.p.

Height: 420,0 mm

Lift: 150,0 mm

Length and width: 175,0 x 85,0 mm

Weight: 13,0 kg

Adapter: Morse taper MT 2

Right-/ left-handed rotation

Speed controller

Drilling range:

Twist drills (DIN 345): max. Ø 23,0 mm

Core drills: up to Ø 50,0 mm

Cutting depth core drills: 110,0 mm

Theard cutting tool: Ø M5 - M20

Countersinkers: up to Ø 37,0 mm

Input voltage: 115 / 230 V


1 Carrying case in plastic

1 Arbor holder MT 2 for core drills with Weldon shank 3/4“

1 Allen key for arbor holder MT 2

1 Cooling bottle with regulating tap

1 Protection goggles

1 Safety gloves

1 Ear protection

1 Safety chain

1 Operating instructions

1 Size 8 spanner

1 Push-out pin for mores taper

Drill chuck not included !

230 Volt

Art.-no. 108 920 TX

115 Volt

Art.-no. 108 920 TX-3

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