5.0mm A4 Stainless Torx Double Countersunk Wood Screws

5.0mm A4 Stainless Torx Double Countersunk Screws available in extra long lengths. Torx TX40.

A4 Stainless Torx Double Countersunk Screws
SKUMaterialBox QuantitySize (Diameter x Length)ThreadTorx
9047A4 3162005.0mm x 20.0mmFull ThreadTX25
9047A4 3162005.0mm x 25.0mmPart Thread (18mm)TX25
9047A4 3162005.0mm x 25.0mmFull ThreadTX25
9047A4 3162005.0mm x 30.0mmPart Thread (20mm)TX25
9047A4 3162005.0mm x 30.0mmFull ThreadTX25
9047A4 3162005.0mm x 35.0mmPart Thread (24mm)TX25
9047A4 3162005.0mm x 35.0mmFull ThreadTX25
9047A4 3162005.0mm x 40.0mmPart Thread (24mm)TX25
9047A4 3162005.0mm x 40.0mmFull ThreadTX25
9047A4 3162005.0mm x 45.0mmPart Thread (30mm)TX25
9047A4 3162005.0mm x 50.0mmPart Thread (30mm)TX25
9047A4 3161005.0mm x 50.0mmFull ThreadTX25
9047A4 3161005.0mm x 60.0mmPart Thread (36mm)TX25
9047A4 3161005.0mm x 60.0mmFull ThreadTX25
9047A4 3161005.0mm x 65.0mmFull ThreadTX25
9047A4 3161005.0mm x 70.0mmPart Thread (42mm)TX25
9047A4 3161005.0mm x 70.0mmFull ThreadTX25
9047A4 3161005.0mm x 80.0mmFull ThreadTX25

A4 316 for marine environments. Double countersunk Heads For extra strength and sharp points to eliminate pre drilling even in most hardwoods.  Ribs under head on 6mm x 140mm and above, on 8mm and 10mm Diameter. Reinforced double countersunk Head European technical approval ETA 11/0283 (Diameter 3,0 and 3,5 not component in the approval)

3.0mm Diameter3.5mm Diameter4.0mm Diameter4.5mm Diameter
5.0mm Diameter6.0mm Diameter8.0mm Diameter10.0mm Diameter

Stainless Steel A4 316 marine grade wood screws with a double countersunk reinforced head. Available with plain head and sharp point or Ribbed head and cutting tip.

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