M10 Galvanised Coach Bolts – Cup Square Hex

M10 Galvanised Coach Bolts Cup Square Hex – Only tightened from one side with the aid of the hex shape under the mushroom head to stop it turning when fitting. Coach Bolts in M10 are available in Zinc, Galvanised and Stainless Steel.

Stocked in mainly mild steel with a few sizes available in grade 8.8 high tensile. They can be bought in either full thread or part thread, some sizes may only be stocked in one type but please contact for more information.

Shop Here for Available Sizes in M10

Our stock in M10 ranges in lengths from 20mm to 260mm, if you cannot find the length you require, please make an enquiry to our team about potentially sourcing that for you. Some of the Coach Bolts come fully threaded so please ask if this is important.

You can combine galvanised Nyloc Nuts, shear nuts etc to suit the galvanised coach bolts. The galvanised nylocs have oversized threads to fit the thicker coating of the galvanised coating.

These bolts are suitable for oak framers, equestrian designers, fence installers, garden specialists, playgrounds installers, builders and roofers amongst many other trades.

For more information on this product please contact the Swiftfix team.

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