Paneltwistec Countersunk Torx Screws

Paneltwistec Countersunk Torx Drive version construction wood screws – timber construction wood screws made in Germany and manufactured to ETA 11/0024. These are available to buy online in a vast range of sizes in diameters up to 12.0mm and lengths up to 1200mm. All of the Paneltwistec screws come with a Torx Drive which is proven to increase speed and reduce failure rate particularly with larger sizes. We sell Paneltwistec countersunk torx screws in a range of materials including zinc, stainless steel and more, with an option for a 1000hr salt spray tested coating option also.

AG Blue+PT1000 (1000h salt spray)
Paneltwistec Countersunk
Zinc & YellowStainless Steel
Paneltwistec Countersunk

Product Data Sheet

Approved ro ETA-11/0024
Approved to ETA-11/0024

ETA Sheet

Torx Bits

If you would like more information on these products, then please contact the Swiftfix team.

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