12mm Coach Screws Hex Head Din 571 Spun Galvanised

Extra long galvanised 12mm Coach Screws with a Hexagon Head to Din standard 571 for timber construction and joinery.

Galvanised or Stainless steel are the best option for external applications but we also stock a large range of zinc plated coach screws.

These hexagon headed wood screws are also known as lag screws and are probably the strongest type of screw.  A vast range is available from stock or can be sourced or made to order. 12mm Extra long coach screw lengths are available at 280mm, 300mm, 320mm, 340mm, 360mm and even 400mm. 

Galvanised Coach Screws Din 571
Galvanised Coach Screws Din 571
12mm x 40mm12mm x 45mm12mm x 50mm
12mm x 55mm12mm x 60mm12mm x 65mm
12mm x 70mm12mm x 75mm12mm x 80mm
12mm x 90mm12mm x 100mm12mm x 110mm
12mm x 120mm12mm x 130mm12mm x 140mm
12mm x 150mm12mm x 160mm12mm x 170mm
12mm x 180mm12mm x 200mm12mm x 220mm
12mm x 240mm12mm x 250mm12mm x 260mm
12mm x 280mm12mm x 300mm12mm x 320mm
12mm x 340mm12mm x 360mm12mm x 380mm
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For marine or coastal environments select the A4 316 stainless steel range which we supply as an additional option the the 12mm extra long galvanised coach screws.

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