Heco Topix Combi Connect Screws

Heco Topix Combi Connect Screws C.C. Screws

Heco Topix Combi Connect C.C. Screws are high strength screws for timber connections available up to 350mm long. The HECO-TOPIX-CC opens up a whole new world for screw connections within modern methods of timber construction. They can be used both purely as a fastener in new builds and also for strengthening existing timber constructions.

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6.5mm x 100mm6.5mm x 130mm6.5mm x 150mm
6.5mm x 190mm6.5mm x 215mm8.5mm x 100mm
8.5mm x 150mm8.5mm x 190mm8.5mm x 215mm
8.5mm x 250mm8.5mm x 270mm8.5mm x 300mm
8.5mm x 350mm8.5mm x 400mm

TOPIX CombiConnect was developed as a timber fastener for the transmission of high tensile and compressive forces in structural timber construction applications, which features two major advantages:

  1. The screw is composed of two threads with different pitches, which have the effect of pulling the two components together.
  2. The combination of HECO-TOPIX point and cheese head design facilitates extremely tight spacing without splitting the wood

Advantages and Features:

  • High tensile and compressive forces
    transmitted via the CC thread
  • Draws the elements together while being inserted
  • Universal application possibilities
    in new builds and in renovations
  • The HECO-TOPIX tip ensures
    easy insertion without splitting
  • Quick insertion thanks to optimised thread pitches
  • The cheese head design facilitates
    countersinking without splitting, even with tight spacing, and permits concealed installation
  • With tried and tested T-drive system
  • Comes with European Technical Approval
Atlas Connector
Atlas Connector

If you would like more information on these products, then please contact the Swiftfix team.

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