Heco Topix Therm Screws

Heco Topix T-Therm Screws Torx Drive Screws

Secures soft roof insulation without compressive forces damaging the insulation material.
User-friendly and practical – specially designed for façades and warm roof installations.


The HECO-TOPIX-Therm opens up a whole new world of possibilities when working with soft insulating materials. These materials cannot withstand compressive loads such as the weight of the roof covering or snow. For this reason, conventional fixing options using partially threaded screws cannot be used to install such insulating materials.Thanks to the HECO-TOPIX-Therm, the use of soft insulating materials such as fibreboard is no longer a problem. The batten is fixed in place using the under head thread. This causes the compressive forces to be transmitted through the fixing into the rafters rather than damaging the insulation itself.Together with the new HECO-TOPIX-CC, this forms a perfect system for efficient façade and roof insulation. The shear forces are absorbed by a shear block together with the HECO-TOPIX-CC.The advantages at a glance:The screws comprise two threads with uniform pitch. This guarantees that they maintain a consistent gap between the rafters and the batten.
The compressive forces which occur are not transmitted into the insulating material
Together with the HECO-TOPIX-CC, this forms a perfect fastening system for façades and roof insulations
Suitable for any type of insulating material
Just one screw length is required for the insulated roof area
The screws are always fastened at a right angle, there is no need for a template
Considerably fewer screws are needed than with conventional systems
Installation recommendations via the HECO calculation software HCS
Comes with German national technical approval

10.0mm diameter available upon request.

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