Index Screws A4 St/St Sleeper screws,

Index screws or sleeper Screws with a 8mm hexagon head with a washer face in marine grade A4 316 st/st often called sleeper screws.

Ideal fixings with permanent rust resistance ideal for salt water environments. Often used in oak sleepers or structures and seaside installations. Designed for superior clamping force.

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Boxed in 25s 6.7mm x 50mm

Boxed in 25s 6.7 x 75mm

Boxed in 25s 6.7 x 100mm

Boxed in 25s 6.7 x 125mm

Boxed in 25s 6.7 x 150mm

Boxed in 25s 6.7 x 200mm

Boxed in 25s 6.7 x 250mm

Boxed in 25s 6.7 x 300mm

Boxed in 25s 8.0mm x 80mm Wafer Head

Suitable in Green oak.



Index screws

Fixing into timber, decking, stairs, fencing, roofing, landscaping etc.

25° sharp point for easier penetration into all wood types.
50° deep single thread to provide secure fixing with high pull-out resistance.
T40 drive.
Made from A4 316 marine grade stainless steel.
Sold in tubes of 25’s.

Possible alternatives are Countersunk Torx screws in A4 316 available up to 6mm & 8mm diameters and 200mm long.


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