KonstruX Timber Construction Screws – Countersunk Torx

Eurotec KonstruX countersunk fully thread wood screws for high load applications.

The Konstrux comes in either a countersunk or cylinder head both in T-Star Torx drive.

8.0mm x 95mm 8.0mm x 125mm 8.0mm x 155mm 8.0mm x 195mm
8.0mm x 220mm 8.0mm x 245mm 8.0mm x 270mm 8.0mm x 290mm
8.0mm x 330mm 8.0mm x 375mm 8.0mm x 400mm 8.0mm x 430mm
8.0mm x 480mm
10.0 x 125mm 10.0 x 155mm 10.0 x 195mm 10.0 x 220mm
10.0 x 245mm 10.0 x 270mm 10.0 x 300mm 10.0 x 330mm
10.0 x 360mm 10.0 x 400mm 10.0 x 450mm 10.0 x 500mm
10.0 x 550mm 10.0 x 600mm
  • Eurotec KonstruX fully threaded screw 
  • • High extraction resistance • Strong joints
  • Benefits of NEW drill point • Reduced screwing torque • Greater extraction resistance

KonstruX fully threaded screw The powerful solution for construction and renovation

One system for all timber-frameconstruction joints • Applications in timber engineering and carpentry, timber-frame construction, hall construction, construction of timber elements, renovation of ceilings, etc. • Maximum load transmission KonstruX fully threaded screws maximise a joint‘s load-bearing capacity with a high thread-extraction resistance in both components. If partially threaded screws are used, the joint‘s load-bearing capacity is limited by the considerably lower head pull-through resistance in the attached part. • Time saving A time- and cost-saving alternative to traditional connections or timberjoints such as joist hangers, joist supports, etc. • Timber has a low transverse compressive and shear strength. KonstruX fully threaded screws are inserted into the timber for reinforcement. The KonstruX “takes on” a large proportion of the forces. • Doubling up of joists, for example, increases the load-bearing capacity of floor joists and reduces bending. Here, KonstruX fully threaded screws join the components together in a displacement-resistant manner. • Hidden connections, high fire-resistance, no thermal bridges • No pilot-drilling required in accordance with approval / ETA From screwlengths ≥ 245 mm, however, pilot-drilling to 1/3 of the screw length is advisable to guide the screw in the right direction (no screw wandering). • The required edge and centre distances can be minimised for screws that are only exposed to tension.

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