10.0mm KonstruX Timber Construction Screws Cylinder Head

Fully threaded construction wood screws in 10.0mm Diameter the Eurotec KonstruX Timber Screws

10.0 x 300mm10.0 x 330mm
10.0 x 360mm10.0 x 400mm
10.0 x 450mm10.0 x 500mm
10.0 x 550mm10.0 x 600mm

KonstruX fully threaded screws ETA 11/0024 approved. 

  • High pull-out resistance
  • Strong connection

Advantages NEW drill tip

  • Reduced screw-in torque
  • Higher pull-out resistance

One system for all load-bearing connections in timber construction

  • Application in timber engineering, carpentry, timber frame construction, hall construction, timber element construction, renovation of floor ceilings, etc.
  • Highest power transmission
  • KonstruX full-threaded screws maximize the load-bearing capacity of a connection due to the high threaded pull-out resistance in both components. When using partial threaded screws, the significantly lower head pull-through resistance in the attachment part limits the load-bearing capacity of the connection.
  • Time- and cost-saving alternative to traditional connections or wood connectors such as beam shoes, beam beam beams, etc.
  • Wood has a low transverse pressure and transverse tensile strength. For reinforcement, KonstruX full threaded screws are placed in the wood. The KonstruX “takes over” a large part of the forces.
  • By doubling, e.B, the load-bearing capacity of ceiling beams is increased and the deflection is reduced. KonstruX full-threaded screws connect the components with each other in a displacement-resistant manner.
  • Invisible connections, high fire resistance, no thermal bridges
  • No pre-drilling required after approval/ETA. From screw lengths ≥ 245 mm, however, a trend-setting pre-drilling to 1/3 of the screw length can be recommended (no running of the screw).
  • In the case of screws that are used exclusively on tension, the required edge and axle distances may be minimized.
Technical Data
Technical Data


Atlas Connector
Atlas Connector

One system for all connections in wood


KONSTRUX at a glance:

1. One system for all connections in wood element

construction, prefabricated house construction,

hall construction, carpentry …

2. No pilot-drilling, just screws.

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