Galvanised Bolts

Galvanised Bolts are available in hexagon head and cup square. Galvanising is a high quality external finish applied to the bolts to give an external coating.

Galvanised coach bolts and hexagon head bolts are generally used for external use in timber connections, wooden boats, timber frames, oak beams, glulam structures, heavy duty fencing, play parks and more.

Hex Head Bolts have a Din Standard of 931, and Coach Bolts have a DIN Standard of 603/555. Some Coach Bolts will come fully threaded, so please contact for more information on this if it is important.

Hexagon Head BoltsCup Square/Coach Bolts
HT Bolts Din 931 Galvanised

For more information on the available bolts and there uses, please follow the links below:

For more information on these products please contact the Swiftfix team.

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