A4 316 Stainless Steel Studding

A4 316 Stainless Steel Studding Marine grade Threaded Rod A4 316

The studding is supplied in 1 metre, 2 metre & 3 metre lengths and can be cut to lengths required.

Also known as allthread or threaded bar can be cut to site and used with nuts and washers to make bolts to any required size.

Sizing of A4 316 Stainless Steel Studding:

A4 316 Stainless Steel Studding
DINMaterialSize (Diameter x Length)UPC
976A4 316M3 x 1000mm4043377123619
976A4 316M4 x 1000mm4043377123671
976A4 316M5 x 1000mm4043377123725
976A4 316M6 x 1000mm4043377123756
976A4 316M8 x 1000mm4043377123770
976A4 316M10 x 1000mm4043377123442
976A4 3167/16 UNC x 36inch
976A4 316M12 x 130mm4043377297822
976A4 316M12 x 160mm4043377297853
976A4 316M12 x 200mm4043377297891
976A4 316M12 x 1000mm4043377123466
976A4 316M14 x 1000mm4043377123480
976A4 316M16 x 1000mm4043377123503
976A4 316M18 x 1000mm4043377123527
976A4 316M20 x 1000mm4043377123558
976A4 316M22 x 1000mm4043377123572
976A4 316M24 x 1000mm4043377123589
976A4 316M27 x 1000mm4043377123602
976A4 316M30 x 1000mm4043377123633
976A4 316M33 x 1000mm
976A4 316M36 x 1000mm
976A4 316M48 x 1000mm4043377123718

For more information on A2 Stainless Steel Studding, please contact our Swiftfix team.

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