Timber Frame Angle Bracket

Timber Frame Angle Bracket for the strengthening and reinforcing of wooden structures.

We stock Eurotec, Simpson Strontie and Teco brackets.

Stainless Steel Brackets
Electro Galavnsied Brackets

90 Degree Galvanised Steel Angle Bracket for fixing wooden frames at right angles.

Reinforced Galvanised Brackets
Sizes available
95 x 88 x 65 x 4 mm
135 x 88 x 65 x 4 mm
285 x 88 x 65 x 4 mm

Anchor timber-frame constructions securely against tension

For quick and easy connections

The Simply tie bar allows quick and easy timber–timber, timber–concrete, timber–steel and timber–brickwork connections. It is especially sturdy and can withstand extremely high loads. It is an alternative to the Urs/Urs mini tie bar. The Simply tie bar has nail holes on one side and screw holes (including a slot) in the other.

Timber Frame Brackets


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