Timber Frame Angle Brackets

Timber Frame Angle Brackets for the strengthening and reinforcing of wooden structures. We stock Eurotec, Simpson Strontie and Teco brackets. Anchor timber-frame constructions securely against tension, for quick and easy connections.

90 Degree Galvanised Steel Angle Bracket for fixing wooden frames at right angles:

Reinforced Angle BracketsStainless Steel Angle Brackets
Brackets for Timber Reinforcement
CLT BracketsGalvanised/Mild Steel Angle Brackets
Brackets for Timber Reinforcement
Sizes available
95 x 88 x 65 x 4 mm
135 x 88 x 65 x 4 mm
285 x 88 x 65 x 4 mm

Tie Bars

The Simply tie bar allows quick and easy timber-to-timber, timber–to-concrete, timber-to–steel and timber-to–brickwork connections. It is especially sturdy and can withstand extremely high loads. It is an alternative to the Urs/Urs mini tie bar. The Simply tie bar has nail holes on one side and screw holes (including a slot) in the other.

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​For more information on Timber Frame Angle Brackets products please contact the Swiftfix team.

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