Extra Long Holesaws

Deep Hole Saws for Wood, Insulation products etc.

Hole Saws with a overall length of 420mm and a cutting depth of 300mm.

For fitting pipes through insulated walls and panels.

HSS Bi-Metal M42 8% Cobalt Extra long Holesaws

Carpentry Hole saws available in the following diameters; 86mm, 111mm, 130mm, 152mm, 170mm and 200mm.

These hole saws are useful for cutting out holes for pipes and flues and will cut through all types of insulation material.

Not suitable for cutting solid wood thicker than 30mm for this a forstner bit or a cylinder boring bit would be more suitable.


Special holesaw bi-metal with variable pitch of teeth. The
teeth HSS are welded on the cylindrical carrier which has a
usable length of 300 mm. Incl. Exchangeable hexagon shank
(SW 12). Please order separately guiding spike and drill head

Tungsten Carbide Tipped Holesaws

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