Extra Long Holesaws

Extra Long Holesaws are ideal for fitting pipes through insulated walls and panels as well as for wood, insulation products and more.

Carpentry Hole saws available in the following diameters; 86mm, 111mm, 130mm, 152mm, 170mm and 200mm.

Extra Long Holesaws

These hole saws are useful for cutting out holes for pipes and flues and will cut through all types of insulation material. Not suitable for cutting solid wood thicker than 30mm. For this task a forstner bit or a cylinder boring bit would be more suitable.

Special hole saw bi-metal with variable pitch of teeth. The teeth HSS are welded on the cylindrical carrier which has a usable length of 300 mm. Incl. Exchangeable hexagon shank (SW 12). Please order separately guiding spike and drill head.

HSS Bi-Metal HolesawsMulti Material TCT Holesaws
HSS Bi-Metal Cobalt Holesaws

HSS Bi-Metal Holesaws

Ideal for installing roller shutters to window frames. When installing roller shutters, drill holes are required in the window frames for the belts. This was always an issue, but with this hole saw it is properly solved. You must remove the pre-drill bit from the hole saw after you make the first cut. This will reduce the cutting forces and will work far easier. 

HSS Bi-Metal M42 8% Cobalt Extra long Holesaws

Ideal for round sawing into steel as well as nonferrous metal such as aluminium, copper and bronze, using a box column drill or a power drill. By using the high quality cobalt alloy with the special polished section, you will get a longer service life and an improved cutting performance. When carving into metal, it is recommended that you cool the hole saw with cutting oil beforehand.

Multi-Material TCT Holesaws

A hole saw recommended for round sawing into all types of timber and boards, as well as MDF, aerated concrete, plaster board, tile (scratch hardness up to 6) and plastics such as acrylic glass, polycarbonate, PVC, Corian, Trespa board, HPL coating and GFRP. You can save a lot of time and trouble by using its ejector shank system to easily remove the core. It provides a superb run-out as a result of its massive ground and one-piece saw body.

Accessories for Using Holesaws

Ejector Shank
Guiding Spike

Ejector Shank

This can be connected to the hole saw without any tolerance, which is immediately reflected in the ideal concentricity of the hole saw. Ensuring that the guidance of the hole saw when starting the sawing process is exact. The rotating mounted sliding handle ensures a safe handling during the application. The fast and easy ejection of the saw core will be appreciated.

For more information on these products please contact the Swiftfix team.

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