9mm Wood Drill Bits Extra Long Lip and Spur

9mm Diameter Wood Drill Bits Extra Long Lip and Spur – Premium quality German made Extra Long HSS-G Hardened and Ground Lip and Spur Drill Bits for Wood. Din Standard 1599. Suitable for all wood including hardwood and laminated boards, as well as some plastics, such as acrylic glass, Corian®®, GFRP, HPL coating, polycarbonate, PVC and Trespa® board.

Wood Drills Bits
Size (Diameter x Length)Drive StyleUPC
9mm x 150mm (100mm)Brad Point4026271029621
9mm x 250mm (200mm)Brad Point4026271030191
9mm x 315mm (250mm)Brad Point4026271273901
9mm x 400mm (300mm)Brad Point4026271274045

Wood Drill Bits – All Options

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Wood Drills Bits

Please contact our Swiftfix team for more information on 9mm Wood Drill Bits or other dimensions.

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