Rawlplug Boned Resin Anchors

Rawlplug bonded resin anchors to suit all applications.

  • R-KEX II Epoxy Resin
  • R-KER Hybrid Resin
  • R-KEM II Vinylester Resin
  • R-KF2 Polyester Resin
  • Hammer In Capsules R-HAC-V
  • Spin In Capsules R-CAS-V
  • RV200 Resin
  • Resin Guns
  • Resin Studs
  • Resin Sockets
  • Resin Nozzles
  • Brushes
  • Resin Sleeves
  • Resin Blow Out Pumps

R-Kem II Resin
R-KEM Polyester Resin
Rawlplug R-KER Rawlplug Vinylester resin
R-KER Vinylester Resin
Rawlplug R-KEX II Pure epoxy resin tubes
R-KEX Pure Epoxy Resin
Rawlplug R-KF2 Resin

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