G&B Fissaggi Resin Vinylester Anchors – High Load

G&B Fissaggi Resin Vinylester Anchors is a high quality bonded anchor for high performance, for fixing threaded studs, rebar, handrails, railings and more. Here at Swiftfix, we supply a large range of resin fixings for various applications.

G&B Fissaggi Resin Vinylester – Hi Load Resin
G&B Vinylester

Styrene-free vinylester resin

A high quality bonded anchor for high performance based on vinylester resin styrene free CE OPTION 1 approved, for applications on cracked and non-cracked concrete, in dry or flooded bore holes. Certified for applications with threaded bars class 5,5, class 8,8 and stainless steel, and reinforced bars. Ideal also for applications on wood,  CE Approved for masonry. It grants a safety fixing and high loads values even on semisolids and hollow supports.

• CE Approved Option 1 for application on cracked and non-cracked concrete with threaded bars and rebars, Certified for applications in flooded bore holes,
• CE Approved for application on solid and hollow bricks,
• Fire Resistance Certification F120,
• Ideal performance even on wood,
• Water impermeable joint,
• No expansion effect, allowing fixing close to the edges,
• It does not modify the external appearance of the support,
• Very high chemical resistance,
• Low in odour: it is styrene free,
• Cartridge can be used up to the end of the validity date by replacing the static mixer or resealing cartridge with the sealing cap.

It is suited for fixing medium and heavy loads on solid and hollow supports: stone, concrete, aerated concrete, solid and hollow bricks.  Suited for applications with threaded bars and reinforced bars, applications on wood and metal carpentry, for fixing of façades, railings, pipe connections, profiles.

• For use with special application gun and static mixers, • The anchor may be installed in dry or submerged holes,
• Temperature range I: – 40° C ÷ +40° C; (max short term temperature +40°C; max long term temperature +24° C),
• Temperature range II: – 40° C ÷ +80° C; (max short term temperature +80°C; max long term temperature +50° C),
• Storage temperature from 5° C up to max 25° C,
• Storage life: 18 months for cartridges 410ml e 350ml;
12 months for cartridge 300ml (foil tube),

Professional Metal Resin Cartridge GunMixing Nozzles
Resin Cartridge GunMixing Nozzles

For more information on Resin, please contact our Swiftfix team.

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