G&B Fissaggi Resin Anchors Pure Epoxy

G&B Fissaggi Resin Anchors

G&B Fissaggi Resin Anchors – Dual components bonded anchor, based on pure epoxy resin 1:1, suited for structural fastenings on concrete, stone, solid bricks, wood. It grants high load values and very high performance.

G&B EPO Pure Epoxy Resin Tubes 385mlG&B EPO Pure Epoxy Resin Tubes 585ml
G&B EPO ResinG&B EPO Resin

Epoxy Resin Anchors – 3:1 for structural applications. CE certified OPTION 1 for use on cracked and non-cracked concrete with threaded rods reinforced bars. Certified for application on seismic area C1 and C2 category.

This Epoxy Resin Anchor grants a safety fixing and high loads values even on semisolids and hollow supports. For fixing close to the edge, since anchoring is free of expansion forces. Water impermeable joint. Very high chemical resistance. Low in odour. Flexible working time at high temperatures. No shrinkage.

Storage temperature: 5° C to + 35° C. Storage life: 24 months.

Accessories for G&B Fissaggi

Professional Metal Resin Cartridge GunEpoxy Mixing Nozzles
Resin Cartridge GunEpoxy Mixing Nozzle

For more information on Resin, please contact our Swiftfix team.

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