Rawlplug Bonded Resin Anchors

Rawlplug Bonded Resin Anchors – Chemical anchors or resin anchors can be split into two main groups: capsule systems and injections systems. Both systems consist of two chambers, one filled with a polymer resin and the other with a hardener. Bonded Anchors are used for fixing threaded rod, internally threaded sockets and rebar, to many types of structure.

At Swiftfix we supply a variety of Resin Anchors to suit all types of applications. For more information, follow the product links below to visit our online shop.

Rawlpug R-KER 400ml Vinylester ResinRawlpug R-KEM II 300ml Polyester Resin
R-KER II,Rawlplug Bonded Resin AnchorsR-KEM II 300ml,Rawlplug Bonded Resin Anchors
Rawlpug R-KEM II 410ml Polyester ResinOther Resin
R-KEM II 410ml, Rawlplug Bonded Resin Anchors

Rawlplug Bonded Resin Anchors – Accessories

Below are just a few of the available accessory options for this resin product and other resin anchors.

Professional Metal Resin Cartridge GunMixing Nozzles
Rawlplug Bonded Resin Anchors Cartridge GunMixing Nozzles
Epoxy Mixing Nozzles13mm Wire Brush for Resin Preparation
Epoxy Mixing NozzleWire brush

For more information on resin, please contact our Swiftfix team.

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