R-KEX II Pure Epoxy

Rawlplug R-KEX II pure epoxy high strength resin fixing.

When high loads are required the pure epoxy can be used for studs, sockets, rebars etc.

Rawlplug R-KEX II Pure epoxy resin tubes
R-KEX II Pure Epoxy Resin

Features and benefits Rawplug pure epoxy resin

Approved for use with threaded rods for use in cracked and non-cracked concrete (EAD 330499-01-0601), working life up to 100 years

The strongest resin in the epoxy resin class

Suitable for use in dry and wet substrates including flooded holes (use category I1 & I2)

Seismic category C1, C2

Installation direction D3 (downward and horizontal and upwards installation)

Minimal shrinkage provides option of use in diamond-drilled holes and oversized holes

Very high chemical resistance – suitable for applications exposed to influence of various agents (industrial or marine environment)

Extended working time ensures easy installation of metal components (up to 30 min. in 20°C)

For use in positive temperatures.

Diamond and hammer drilling.

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