Coach Screws Hex Head Din 571

Coach Screws Hex Head Din 571, also known as Lag Screws, are available in extra long lengths up to 400mm. We supply coach screws from 6mm diameter up to 20mm diameter as standard, and 24mm made to order. Please click the table titles to go to the relevant type of coach screw for more information.

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Galv Coach Screws
Zinc Plated
Din 571 Hex Head Coach Screws Zinc Plated
Stainless Steel
Din 571 Stainless steel Coach Screws

Galvanised: Perhaps one of the most popular steel types due to its extended durability. Its abrasion resistance allows fast building of structures. And the hot dip process produces a coating that has a superior resistance to mechanical damage.

Zinc Plated: One of the most popular steel types as a result of their increased life span. The barrier created prevents moisture from penetrating the base material and stopping rust.

Stainless Steel A2 and A4: Stainless steel is most notable for its resistance to corrosion, and low maintenance needs, making it more cost effective easier to sustain. A2 is great for resisting wear and tear and is non-magnetic, it is also resistant to food stuff, many sterilising solutions, most organic chemicals etc. so is commonly used for sinks, pots, food processing plants etc. A4 is also known as marine grade and has a much higher corrosion resistance, so is highly recommended for use in salty atmospheres such as the coast.

If you would like more information on Hex Head products, then please contact the Swiftfix team.

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