Metal Framing Screws – Metsec

Metal Framing Screws are used for fixing steel to steel applications. Made from C10-18 steel to ensure consistent quality and a silver ruspert plating to withstand over 500 hours salt spray test.

Metal Framing Screws Options

Box QuantityTypeSize (Diameter & Length)Drive StyleUPC
500Low Pan Head4.8mm x 16mmPhilips No. 25055017582976
1000Wafer Head4.2mm x 19mmPhilips No. 2841846011672
500Low Pan Head4.8mm x 16mmPhilips No. 2841846031007
200Low Wafer Head4.8mm x 22mmPhilips No. 25055331860811
500Low Wafer Head4.8mm x 22mmPhilips No. 28418460300172
200Wafer Head Baypole4.8mm x 50mmPhilips No. 25055017529193
200Wafer Head Baypole4.8mm x 60mmPhilips No. 25055017529209
200Wafer Head Baypole4.8mm x 70mmPhilips No. 25055017529216
200Wafer Head Baypole4.8mm x 80mmPhilips No. 25055017529223
100Wafer Head Baypole4.8mm x 90mmPhilips No. 25055017551316
100Wafer Head Baypole4.8mm x 100mmPhilips No. 25055331849052
500Low Pancake Head5.5mm x 19mmPhilips No. 25055017587124
500Low Pancake Head5.5mm x 26mmPhilips No. 25055017591312
200Pancake Head5.5mm x 38mmPhilips No. 2

Additional Self Drilling Screw Options

Hex Steel to SteelHex Thin Steel to TimberCountersunk for Light Section Steel
Hex Steel to SteelHex Thin SteelCSK Light Section
Countersunk for Thicker SteelCountersunk Stainless SteelSelf Drilling Insulation
CSK Thicker SteelCSK Stainless SteelSelf Drilling Insulation
Fibre Cement RoofHex Self Drilling for Insulated CladdingPan Head
Fibre CementInsulated CladdingPan Head
Sheathing BoardPan Stainless SteelHex Stainless Steel
Sheathing BoardPan HeadHex Stainless Steel

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