Self Drilling Screws – Steel to Steel

Self Drilling Screws – Screws with a drill point for self drilling into steel of varying thicknesses.

Sheet to Steel fixing screws with a drill point for piercing thin metal cladding sheets and fixing on to steel  or purlin. The steel drilling point screws are fitted with a 16mm Epdm bonded washer and have a 5/16 (8mm) Hexagon Head.

Thin steel version for up to 3mm steel, Heavy steel version up to 12mm thick steel.

Available Ranges of Steel to Steel Screws

Hex Head – Light SectionHex Head – Heavy SectionHex Head – Very Thick Steel
Steel to SteelSteel to SteelSteel to Steel - Self Drilling Screws

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Please contact our Swiftfix team for more information on Self Drilling Screws – Steel to Steel.

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