A4 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Torx Drive Terrace Screws

Decking Screws in A4 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel with a Torx Drive and Dual Thread.

Attractive small headed wood screws for decking and facades.


A minimum screw-in depth of 4 x the diameter must be ensured. A screw-in depth of 8 x the diameter should be achieved depending on the wood.


– Cylinder head
– Under head thread
– Standard tip
– TX driving feature
– Special smooth coating


Wobble-free driving feature
The TX inner multi-tooth drive allows the screw to be easily and securely screwed in when the screw is attached and countersunk.

Cylinder head no distant wooden fibers. The wooden fibers are drawn into the material by the cylinder head with the implied countersunk head. An optimal barefooted flooring originates by this special process.

Under head thread
This terrace screws fixed the wood through the lower head screw, thereby preventing movement.

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