A4 Terrace Screws Torx Drive Stainless Steel

A4 Terrace Screws Torx Marine Grade Stainless Steel Decking Screws (A4 316) with a Torx Drive and Dual Thread. An attractive small headed wood screw for decking and facades. When implementing these screws, a minimum screw-in depth of 4 x the diameter must be ensured, and a screw-in depth of 8 x the diameter should be achieved depending on the wood.

A4 Terrace Screws Torx Marine Grade

Size (Diameter x Length)UPC
5.5mm x 40mm4043377317056
5.5mm x 50mm4043377317063
5.5mm x 60mm4043377317070
5.5mm x 70mm4043377317087
5.5mm x 80mm4043377317094
5.5mm x 90mm4043377317100
5.5mm x 100mm4043377317049

Terrace screws have a small cylinder head perfect for hardwood decking, boardwalks, pontoons or jetties, and the top thread helps hold the top board in place.


  • Cylinder head
  • Under head thread
  • Standard tip
  • Torx driving feature
  • Special smooth coating

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