Terrassotec Screws Hardened Stainless Steel

Terrassotec Screws Hardened Stainless Steel Small cylinder head and dual thread for better grip on the deck boards. Premium Torx drive Screws available in A4 316 stainless steel stainless steel, A2 and Hardened Stainless. Decking screws that are approved by the Timber Decking Association.

image of Terrassotec screw
5.5mm x 50mm5.5mm x 60mm
5.5mm x 70mm5.5mm x 80mm
5.5mm x 90mm5.5mm x 100mm
5.5mm x 120mm

Full range available to view here.

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Advantages of Terrassotec

  • Reduced splintering through special head.
  • The screw geometry reduces the danger of splitting, but pilot drilling is recommended in particular for hardwoods and in deck and façade construction. Check the information from the board manufacturer.
  • Excellent resistance to rust, but is NOT acid-resistant – For use near salt water we supply the A4 316 Marine Grade version.
  • 10 years experience without corrosion problems with suitable woods.
  • For woods containing high amounts of tanning agents, such as, eg, cumaru, oak, merbau, robinia, etc we recommend A4 grade.
  • Terrassotec is not suitable for use in chlorous atmospheres.
  • Stainless steel in accordance with DIN 10088.

Also available at Swiftfix are Terrassotec screws in A4 Stainless Steel in a range of sizes.

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​For more information on Terrassotec Screws Hardened Stainless Steel products please contact the Swiftfix team.

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