Drill Tool 50X (The New Decking Tool)

Drill Tool 50X

Introducing the new Drill Tool 50X produced by Eurotec. A drilling template that allows the invisible fastening of decking boards. This tool enables you to fasten your boards down indirectly, without the visibility of screw heads when completed. Fixation points within the product, optimally placed on either side, ensures screws will be screwed  in evenly at a 50 degree angle. Furthermore, the built in spacer automatically creates an equal joint gap between the individual boards at a measure of 6mm.


The most prominent advantages of using this product starts with its ability to allow for the simple and quick installation of decking boards. With all of the outlined aspects mentioned above, the spacer and fixation point parts of the Drill Tool 50X ensures an even joint pattern result.

The Process:

  1. Prepare the area by placing the decking boards on the substructure. Make sure that water-logging is prevented and better ventilation is allowed through ensuring that a distance between the board and substructure is created (TENAX spacer, EPDM tape 3mm etc.), depending on the type of wood used. In the case of hard and tropical woods, fastening points should be pilot-drilled to the diameter of 4mm (board thickness only).
  2. The Drill Tool 50X should then be placed on the decking boards in direction with the substructure.Drill Tool 50X decking.jpg
  3. Attachment points should then be pre-drilled (for any kind of wood used) using the fixation points using the step drill within 3.3mm to 4.5mm.Drill Tool 50X decking 2.jpg
  4. This next process can be carried out with or without the Drill Tool 50X. Using the pre-drilled points (which should be at a 50 degree angle), place the screws in the holes starting with the screw in the other direction. Drill Tool 50X decking 3.jpg

(To prevent the damaging of tools when using a clamp, an additional spacer of at least 6mm is necessary between boards.)

Inside the Product:

Drill Tool 50X diagram.jpg

Drill Tool 50X diagram 2.jpg

Product Specification:

Drill Tool 50X




Art.-No.: 499985
Drill Tool 50X – Material: Polyamide
30 x 87 x 215 mm (H x W x L)

MB terrace screw
Art.-No.: 905514
MB terrace screw – Material: Stainless Steel A2
4,2 x 60 mm

TX-Extra-Long-Bit TX15.jpg
TX-Extra-Long-Bit TX15 – Material: Carbon Steel
150 mm


Recommended: For optimum attachment between boards with no damage to the wood, it is recommended to use the Eurotec MB screw 4.2 x 60 and the Extra-Long Bit TX15. (Suitable for a flooring thickness greater than or equal to 25mm).




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